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Vehicle Damaged in Accident needs Clear Coating

Honda Civic damaged during the winter snow storms is finally coming out of the shop. 2 months of repairs and an adjustment. The driver of the vehicle had rear ended someone with their vehicle. Being that it was a coupe that sits low to the ground, the front end was completely destroyed.

Luckily there was a collision center just around the way. The vehicle was towed to the location where it sat until Monday where it could be worked on. (this happened on a saturday and the repair place was closed). Once repairs commenced, there seemed to be a lot of damage to the radiator among other parts so newer parts had to be ordered.

2 weeks went by before the shop was able to receive all the parts, they were installed and the car was looking like new aside from a few minor pain defects. This was cleared up with 2-3 coats of the same color the car came with originally then to further protect the paint a clear coating was added to prevent from being scratched too easily.

Overall the experience was okay, the best thing was that noone was seriously injured in this accident.